The Perfect Cuppa?

As long as I have been with my Englishman (nearly 10 years now), I thought I had already had the best cup of tea. I am a bit biased though, I have to say, since every cup of tea my hubby makes seems to be the perfect cuppa. Last night, however, we tried a new brand of tea we picked up at our local British goods store, British Isles, of which I will be doing a separate blog post about. I love it there!

13694150_1325809060781634_86283089_oWhich should I try next?

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m only human. I was silent and somber and a overall just a huge pain in the bum all day and most of the evening. I felt bloated and uncomfortable too and not a joy to be around. I guess my hubby’s British instinct kicked in, either that or he just couldn’t take my pissy-pants attitude anymore, and he offered to make me the quintessential English cure-for-all, a nice cup of tea. And just like that, it actually made me feel like myself again. No joke. It lifted my spirits and for the first time all day I actually smiled a genuine smile instead of my painfully obvious forced smirk. I really am a gentle soul. No, not really, but as feisty as I can be, even I didn’t recognise myself.

13728365_1325761160786424_246492817_oPortmeirion Botanic Blue – complete tea set.

He used the new sample sachet of Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme in our rarely used Portmeirion Botanic Blue china and it was like heaven in a cup. How is it that something as simple as a cup of brewed tea leaves, hot water, milk, and sugar can be so indulgent and soul-soothing that it can transform a person’s mood from dark and dreary to light and cheerful within minutes of taking the first sip? This was undoubtedly the best cuppa I’ve ever had! It was truly an experience. The only thing missing were some biscuits or scones with clotted cream and jam! Recipes coming soon 😉 Stay tuned!


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